The Storytellers

Mute Majesty is the husband and wife team of John VonMutius and Laura VonMutius. Adorable, right? Their analytical minds, whimsical imaginations, and critical eyes have drawn them to telling stories through moving images.

John VonMutius
Editor, Cinematographer, Director

As a child, John VonMutius chose the Oxford English Dictionary for light reading. He assembled puzzles and dismantled electronics during his formative years to satisfy his curiosity. With gusto, he sought out solutions for the mundane problems and answers for the burning questions facing him every day. This quest for knowledge led VonMutius to a very early career in graphic design, an intoxicating blend of creativity and organization. But static images weren’t enough. Once he discovered video production, it was like a moth to the flame. He jumped in and began honing his craft, telling stories through a highly satisfying combination of live action, motion graphics, and sound design. In filming, he found a home at the intersection of teamwork, problem-solving, and technical achievement. After a decade of robust corporate and commercial production, VonMutius officially stepped into the filmmaking world as an editor, cinematographer, and director in 2018 with his directorial debut, Time Was

Laura VonMutius
Producer, Director, Editor

An avid artist from a young age, Laura VonMutius grew up drawing, painting murals, and working with clay. While studying Art Education and Art History at FSU, she moved on to elaborate paper crafts and interactive installations. To her creative eye, film is a new and exciting art form to explore. Although not formally trained in filmmaking, Laura’s skills as a certified and experienced educator have easily translated to film sets. Clear communication, an eye for detail, interpersonal skills, and a calm demeanor under pressure make her an excellent producer, director, script supervisor and assistant editor. Laura wrote her first script in 2018 for a short film called Anything You Can Do, which she brought to life as her directorial debut in early 2019. In her spare time, Laura can be found snuggling her pet cats or garment sewing. She is currently spearheading Mute Majesty’s next project, which she is excited to share with the world soon!